Airlines EgyptAir Retract Statement Aircraft Debris Has Found

Airlines EgyptAir Retract Statement Aircraft Debris Has Found
Airlines EgyptAir Retract Statement Aircraft Debris Has Found

Cairo – Had MS804 stated that the wreckage was found, now the airline EgyptAir even revoke that statement. It was announced by Vice Chairman EgyptAir Ahmed Adel.

Reported by, Friday (20/05/2016), Ahmed mentioned that debris does not come from the missing plane. But he did not explain in more detail about the debris.

“Our concentration today is taking care of the family and relatives of the passengers. We are currently in the process of contact them. When the process has finished, we will release the passenger manifest,” said Ahmed.

The airline statement affirming the Head of the Greek Air Security Authority, Athanassios Binos, previously. Binos said that the findings had not confirm.

“Until now, the debris it has not indicated the property of the plane. The Egyptians were also confirmed to me that it was not proved that the crash of the plane EgyptAir missing previous contacts,” said Binos in an interview with ERT TV, as reported by the BBC. com, Friday (05/20/2016).

Whereas previously the airline EgyptAir has ensured that the findings of debris in the Mediterranean Sea comes from EgyptAir Flight MS804. Airlines EgyptAir called the discovery of debris that is in the vicinity of Karpathos, Greece, it has been confirmed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Egypt to the Ministry of Civil Aviation. Now that statement has been revoked.

Earlier, a ship captain named Tarek Wahba admitted participating looking EgyptAir plane debris in the sea. Tarek claimed to find buoys and posting the picture on his Facebook page.

The aircraft was last seen before takeoff at the airport Charles de Gaulle Airport on Wednesday (18/5) evening local time. The aircraft disappeared from radar at an altitude of 37,000 thousand feet or about 80 miles before entering the airspace of Egypt

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